Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's the little things...

A slight lull in the craziness lately provided me with the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the little things.

Nancy's Swiss chard and a trusty macro lens:

Zombie-esque fun:
Yes, I know they're not really zombies, but they're pretty damn close!

More time with Glenn:
More photos to come when the peely/scabby phase is behind me.

One of the sweetest movies I've seen in a long time:
Love me some Ryan Gosling!

A celebration of birthdays of both of my grandparents:
She's 80, he's 79. Gram robbed the cradle back in the day!

One of the worst movies I've ever seen:
Enough said.

And time spent with family I can never seem to get enough of:
Nancy, Ned and Rob came up from Florida for close to two weeks and we had such a great time. Can't wait to get down there in October to see you guys again!

Life feels like it's getting back to normal with my dad home and healthy, two huge parties we've been planning forever out of the way, and out of town visitors home safely. I'm pooped but happy. Hopefully things will go back to normal in blog world, too!


Anonymous said...


Good Girls Studio said...

Missed you! Glad things are getting back to normal :) & Your swiss chard pics are sweet!

Kate said...

Thanks, kids!

Jo! I miss you!

Larry said...

Nice color and detail on the macro-swiss chard.your grandparents look healthy and spry for their age.

Lola Nova said...

Oh my, the tattoo is breathtaking! I've been wanting another one but, have not come across the perfect piece. Yours is just gorgeous.

Kate said...

Thanks, Larry and Lola!

Lola, not sure where you're from, but if you're in the area I can give you the info for the guy working on my sleeve. He's brand new and my tattoo is literally one of his first few tattoos done on a live person ever. Not sure if he wants me telling people that, but I think it makes this piece all the more impressive.

Lola Nova said...

Thanks Kate,
I live in Oregon so...It would be a bit of a trek for some ink. And yes, you are right. Very impressive for first work, he's a keeper.

Jaimee said...

I JUST watched Lars the other night & loved it...while on the other hand, my hubs said it was the biggest waste of two hours he's ever made in his life! Oh Pooh on him!

Happy B-Day to the G-Parents too :)

Good Girls Studio said...

just watched that movie & bawled my eyes out! Loved it! Thanks for the heads up!

Valerie said...

Loved 'Lars and the real girl too. It could've been a really weird film that left a nasty taste in the mouth - I mean, a film about a guy having a relationship with an inflatable doll!! - but it was actually quite sweet and funny, and oddly innocent.
The picture on your blog reminded me of how much I liked it.