Friday, June 27, 2008

someone should have consulted an editor...

...At least that was MY first response after reading the little snippet about the shop in the Troy Record this morning. The writer called to do the interview over the phone a few days ago, which was fine, but then they sent the photographer in a short while afterward and I couldn't have possibly looked like a bigger piece of doo doo that day. Lucky for me and for you folks, the picture isn't included in the article online.

Tonight is Troy Night Out, and I'm actually really excited about it. We just received a ton of new inventory and I'm thrilled to feature it here. Laura Glazer from Birds Are Beautiful brought a bunch of things in yesterday for me to sell and I want to buy one of everything. So cool. I don't think Laura reads this blog, but just in case a chance Google search brings her here, I'd just like to say YOU ROCK, LAURA! Thank you!

Aside from the new lovelies in the shop itself, the rear gallery features paintings by Jesse Aldere. I love them all and so wish I could afford them. Unfortunately, I had to put a warning sign up in the doorway of the gallery to warn people about the nudity and questionable subject matter. This totally goes against every thing I stand for, but you know how people can be. And on the menu tonight we're serving:

Caramelized onion dip (my old ball and chain, and everyone else's favorite)
Black bean dip (looks like dog vomit for real, but tastes so incredibly delish)
Sundried tomato dip (a la Ina Garten...this woman still rocks my world)
Roasted garlic and feta dip (with walnuts in the mix)
Spicy Thai peanut dip (Diana's personal fave)
Fruit and assorted fruit dips (I'm all about the dip these days...LOOK OUT!)
Various cheeses and crackers
Stuffed Peppadew peppers (stuffed with chevre, bacon and roasted garlic)
Stuffed spicy green olives (same stuffing)
Raspberry tartlets
Lemon tartlets
Pecan tartlets
Assorted fruit breads
Assorted cookies
Lots and lots of wine

So much for not overdoing it again this month, eh? I enjoy it though and I know people love it too. I was up late making crap last night and bitching the whole way along, but I've come to realize that a satiated crowd spends money, and that's what I love.

Hungry yet?


Jaimee said...

Hey, don't they say "Any publicity is good publicity" - no worries!
Regardless, Congrats on the interview!!!

Mare said...

Just want to let everybody know, Kate could start yet another business, by popular demand...Catering! She had more folks asking to buy her dips last night! It's something to think about...packaging those dips...(in all your spare time, right Kate?)

Banana-head Pancake said...

um, yes, starving.

Congrats on the article - Now I want to see the picture! I bet it's cute :)

littlebyRD said...

Oh yes, quite hungry! Thanks for stopping my and saying hello. I am looking forward to reading more of yours - How fantastic that you have your own shop!

Kimberly Monaco said...

ok... now I'm hungry - you were right... any chance you'll include some recipes???? Especially for the carmelized onion thing... sounds wonderful!

Good Girls Studio said...

you realy enjoy cleaning your house?! It's a good thing I have a slave , oh I mean son, who likes to clean :)

Congrats on the article & also you need to come over & cook for me ;)