Friday, June 5, 2009

Shirley's girlies

Ever since my Verizon days (also known as "hell days", or "the most hellish ten years of my life"), I've had the honor of buying free range eggs from my friend and coworker, Shirley. Shirley somehow manages to operate a small farm in the area in her free time and she has quite the family of chickens and ducks running around. In the warmer months, her girls lay anywhere from a dozen to several dozen a day, leaving Shirley with way more eggs than she can handle. She brings them into the office and sells them to anyone who might be interested. I'm lucky enough to have them delivered to the shop as often as I can, and I'm incredibly grateful.

We're all well versed on the benefits of eating free range eggs and how they compare to commercial eggs from the supermarket, so I'll spare you the soapbox routine and just say that everyone should find a local supplier and make the switch. There's an amazing difference in size, color and taste, and they're just so pretty I find myself taking the camera out whenever I hard boil a batch for Ben. So pretty, and I love the difference in color when they're wet and then dry. Who knew eggs were so fascinating?

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Good Girls Studio said...

those pictures are beautiful! I love how the last pic looks like cleavage ;) {snicker snicker}