Saturday, July 11, 2009

skirts, and nothing more

I've got stacks of sewing projects piled up all over the place.

I've got ideas for new sewing projects swimming around in my head.

I have plenty of sewing I could be doing for the shop.

And yet whenever I see fabric, think about fabric or touch fabric, all I can do is fantasize about making skirts! I'm hooked. It's scary. The best part about this little craze of mine, though, is I get to use the leftovers for bags, headbands, little cloth pouches, coffee jackets...the list goes on and on! AND, these skirts fold down into a convenient little playing card size, so packing for our trip to Florida in October will be a breeze! I'll have a new skirt for every day I'm there.

The prints below are already in my furry little hands for the latest round of sewing:
A blueberry skirt? I think so!

I was sorry to hear that Fabricworm is closing up shop. She's got some great deals going on right now...head on over and help her out!


Good Girls Studio said...

are you going to start selling your marvelous skirts?? I want to see some pics!

Hilary said...

I would love to see the skirt....sounds lovely.

Jaimee said...

I Love them all...especially those rockets - 3..2..1...BLAST OFF!!!