Thursday, January 3, 2008


My office is literally being taken over by boxes.

I received my shipment from West Elm today (yay shelving!) and it arrived in way more boxes than I ever anticipated. Between this delivery, the leather loveseat and chairs (the chairs are in boxes too, while the loveseat is coccooned in plastic) and the paper products that are due to arrive any day now, I'm losing some serious office space. I sooo can't wait to get into the shop space and move everything out of my home. I guess this means nothing more than the fact that my time as a business owner is quickly moving in and I'm getting so excited and nervous and I just can't wait to see the finished product!

On a lighter note, this was the one and only picture I took on New Year's Eve (sorry, Randi).

Dave, Kate, Mike, Gary, Ben and I played a game called Pervartistry. For those of you who haven't played it before, imagine Pictionary with a perverted (and I mean REALLY pervy) twist. Mike rocked the house with this game (he beat us all by a long shot...I'm not surprised, really), and I couldn't resist taking a picture of his best drawing of the night. I won't say here what it is, but feel free to comment with your guess and I'll tell you if you're right. Ben was the only player to guess correctly.

Ask him sometime about the proper way to draw "Kegel exercises". This game is much harder than it seems.

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shoshonasnow said...

Dirty sanchez?? We need this game.