Monday, November 24, 2008


So, I've survived the first day of my two day lock down here at the house. I've been at my sewing machine/makeshift cutting table (I say makeshift because I had to bring all of my notions and supplies home from the shop and so there's no rhyme or reason to anything here...just little piles all over) since 8:00 this morning. My back is killing me, but I'm happy. I had to take a two hour break around the 2:00 mark after a mega migraine decided to pay me a visit, but other than that everything's golden. I've finished nine, yes NINE pinafores, six little snap pouches, six coffee jackets and I have several handbags completely cut out and waiting for a bit of machine action. Oh yes, and the light bulb decided to die on my machine first thing this morning, so we had to get a bit creative. Ben, being the brilliant person that he is, hooked my little LED book light onto the presser foot of the machine and it seems to be working quite well. Scottish ingenuity!

This post wasn't meant to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself. I've written this post more for my own benefit (a reference point, if you will) so that at this time next year, this close to the holidays, I won't wait until the last minute to get about a month's worth of sewing done in two days. Yeesh, I'll never learn.


Mare said...

Wow! That is amazing! I can't wait to see how those little dresses came out!

Jaimee said...

So productive...I've got 20 different projects started but not nearly close to finished!!!

Oh, and I'm watching OPRAH right now hoping to get a peek at your shop!

Good Girls Studio said...

work on worker bee!