Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What you wear from ear to ear

So, I've gotten the second e-mail from the second person reminding me that this blog has become a den of slack. I know a few out-of-towners rely on my posts to keep them in the know when it comes to what goes on in these parts, and I'm sorry for being so slow with the posts lately. I've been plenty busy, but nothing I've been doing warrants a blog post about it. I'm a boring gal, what can I say? So, for times like these, I'll simply fill the void in a constructive way, or at least as constructive as I can be under pressure. I'm going to follow in the footsteps of many other bloggers and post a "favorite things" list when the going gets rough, or in this case, when decent subject matter is lacking.

So, dear readers, I give you a list of the things that have made me smile today:

1. A trip to see my dear old friend Taryn. Ladies and germs, I've officially gone four months without a haircut or an eyebrow waxing. Gross, I know. Taryn just had her third (yes, third) baby and took what felt like an incredibly long maternity leave. I wouldn't dare let another soul touch my head because Taryn has been the only one in charge up there for many, many, many years. I just don't trust people enough for that. So I waited. And waited. And in the meantime my head grew furrier and furrier, and I let my bangs grow down into my eyes to cover up the caterpillars I called eyebrows. I finally managed to get in to see her today and I'm happy to report that I'm all cleaned up and presentable again. If any of you noticed, I apologize. It was bad, and I'm sorry.

2. My dear Ben, who accompanied me on the voyage for said haircut. I know he was busy and should have been home working and yet he took the trip instead. Such a fantastic man.

3. This soap. I'm a bit of a soap whore and despite the fact that frequent changes in brand really messes my skin up in a major way, I can't help but try different things whenever I possibly can. I'd been threatening to buy this soap at Fo'Castle Farms for close to a year now, and just never did. It smells so good and I broke down the last time I visited Fo'Castle and bought the stuff. Mmmmm, Lemon Verbena, one of my very favorites. Oh, and I'd be lying if I said one of the main reasons I love the scent wasn't because Laura Ingalls Wilder frequently mentioned it. I'm a Little House dork like that.

4. This video by a newish favorite. Sam Amidon has one of those voices that just sounds so...haunting. Love it. And the puppets in this video really make me smile. If you're not familiar with Sam, take a listen to the album "All Is Well". You'll thank yourself for it.

I guess that's it for today. What made you smile?


Lemongrass Studio said...

So glad your back! My hair, in all facial regions as well as head, can relate to your story. Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent stylist here to save my soul and have resorted to cutting my own hair...not pretty.

Good Girls Studio said...

1.Seeing a new post by you made me smile : )
2. Getting Tyler out the door this morning in his coat w/o a meltdown (score!)
3. asiago bagel sandwich w/egg, cheese, bacon, basil & tomato (yummmm)

...we'll see what else puts a grin on this face of mine :)

Kate said...

Aaaaaaaand now I'm hungry.

Banana-head Pancake said...

you are not boring!
But I definitely know how you feel. Your blog made me smile, does that count?