Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've never been much of a skirt/dress person before, so I'm not sure what the hell happened to me over the last few months to change that. As you know, I made several skirts to wear while on vacation and it was quite possibly one of the best actions I could have taken. They were comfy, useful and fun, but now that vacation is over and I'm literally freezing my butt off here in New York, I'm sad that I can't wear them anymore.

Or can I?

Tried a similar look out yesterday and loved it (although, I spent the day at home), so I'm giving it another shot today. What do you think of these skirts with tights? I guess I'm just wondering if they're appropriate for work, or if I should just stick to wearing them around the house. Opinions? Suggestions? Is the faux bois print on this skirt a little too much? I'm not one for animal prints, but wood grain? I'm sold! Oh, and please ignore the gathering issue around the upper portion of the skirt in the above photo. I was having a bit of a static problem and a quick trip to CVS for some Static Guard did the trick!

I don't have many options in terms of footwear when it comes to winter and skirts. Most of my shoes are clunky and look cute with pants...but skirts??? Not so much. I have my eyes on these (Keens, of course!):
Maybe Santa will surprise me with a pair this Christmas. Am I turning into a GIRL?????


Lemongrass Love said...

love the tights and skirt look, although I'm not currently brave enough to try it and the boots, I mean, come on! it's a no brainer!

nicole. said...

Look at how lovely you look! Tights and skirts are one of my favorite combinations.

kdmade said...

In the summer, the only thing I wear are dresses and skirts. I feel bad for boys who don't get to be as comfortable as me. Yay for being a girl! I like tights and boots with skirts and dresses. Maryjanes, too!!

Good Girls Studio said...

as a year round skirt girl I said go for it! Some cute tights & it won't matter what shoes you have on! Work it :)