Friday, October 9, 2009

unrelenting dream

So, it's no secret that I'm burdened with the unrelenting dream of living near the ocean someday. I talk about it regularly and I'm sure people are bored with it by now. It breaks my heart to even think about the kind of money a move like that requires, so the dream gets pushed a little deeper into the back of my mind. Trips to the beach here and there are fine and I gobble them up any chance I can get, but living there is another story. I must make this happen.

I'm a regular subscriber to Coastal Living magazine. I scour Google regularly for everything from beach-inspired decor, to cool little towns to live in, to inspiring ocean photos. I'm obsessed. As a person and a consumer I don't require a lot. I don't yearn for big, palatial environments, nor do I strive to impress anyone by flaunting the amount of money I have in condos or boats. I think I'd live a very meager lifestyle if I lived near the ocean. Life would be simple and I would be happy. I'd fill my days with sewing and baking, beach combing and biking to the market, and taking pleasure in the act of housekeeping (it's also no secret that my #1 career goal in life is to be a housewife). It all sounds so very romantic and ethereal, doesn't it?

Alex and I were discussing beach living a while back, shortly after I stumbled upon this during one of my late night Google-inspired fantasies. This is something I could easily and gladly sink my teeth into. I adore the design, the simplified living space. Amazing. 388 square feet, cedar shingles, gorgeous wooden interior. What do you think? Would you be my neighbor?


Twisted said...

I feel relaxed just looking at that. All you really need is a nice big window to look out.

Jaimee said...

Oh, I'm with you! That little bungalow is just PERFECT! Give me an Ocean view, a bed and an outlet and I'm set. I think I'd make a smashing neighbor too ;)