Tuesday, November 10, 2009

guess what iiiiiiiiii got?

Dave and Kate gave me a sweet birthday gift. I know I shouldn't be surprised because, duh, they always give amazing gifts, even when they shouldn't. Ahem. You'll have to check with them, but I'm pretty sure I actually squealed like a toddler when I opened it. Kate Etsy-stalked me and found it in my faves. It's now hanging proudly in my kitchen. If you want one of your own, go here.

Haven't had a chance to get a good photo of it, but Sandy also gave me an awesome gift...a really cool photo of a dead bird which I adore and quickly installed in the living room. It might sound all weird or morbid to hang a photo of a dead bird in one's living room, but the colors in this print are fantastic and the photo is beautiful.

Thanks, guys. You're the best! But you shouldn't have.


Albany Jane said...

Happy Birthday!

Your present is soooo cute. I just love jowl-y little dogs. It's so cuuuute!

nicole. said...

I LOVE it! These prints are great. I need to get one for my sister!