Thursday, November 19, 2009

weekend recap

Yes, my weekend recap comes to you on Thursday, but hey, that's how I roll. My weekend generally starts on Saturday night and ends on Monday night. It takes me a little effort to get it together once the week starts again.


Watched Miguel Cotto get his hiney handed to him.

Also got my Freddie Roach fix. Yes, I have a little thing for Freddie.

Enjoyed the second fire of the season.


Found this weird feather configuration.

And of course, the most important part of the weekend...


Learned the basic rules.

Boiled some taters.

Kneaded some dough.

Learned the secret behind Gram's kick ass potato filling.

Also learned exactly how much butter goes into the sauerkraut pierogi. Hint: this isn't all of it.

Boiled up the mother load. We had ten dozen all together.

And ate. Lots.

I just want to say that I will remember this forever. Four generations of women gathered together in a small kitchen, learning family traditions that would have otherwise gone forgotten. Thanks, Gram!


Mare said...

i love it...

Carly Cailin said...

Awe...look at my little cute. So sad I missed it, now you have to teach me! Lo can help too.

Nancy said...

Kate Thanks for sharing, wish I was there, I taste them in my dreams... Love you