Saturday, April 3, 2010

The big E

Happy Easter, kids!

Hope the day is filled with fun, family and...who am I kidding...candy!

We're heading to my grandmother and grandfather's house for an egg hunt (for the littles), a scavenger hunt (for the older littles) and loads of food. My grandfather insists on a Polish brunch every year, so we'll dine on pierogies, kielbasa, and a plethora of other pot-luck goodies. I always feel the need to balance out the Polish food with food from the other half of our heritage, Irish, so I make a big batch of Ina's scones every year. I'm taking the traditional route this year and making currant scones at Sandy's request. I found a recipe for a vanilla spice butter that I think I'll make for the scones, too. Mmmmm, vanilla spice butter on a warm, hot-out-of-the-oven scone. Heaven. Add to that a shrimp fritatta (with caramelized onions and mushrooms, loads of garlic, scallions, fresh herbs and muenster cheese) and a lemon cheese pie (just imagine a cross between a lemon custard and a lemon cheesecake in a graham cracker crust). Yum.

Are you cooking up anything interesting?


Nancy said...

Sounds Great, wish I could be there, have a hoppin happy to all

Mare said...

Oh YUM! I hope we can make it there...If not, save us some goodies! And take LOTS of pictures too! i Love