Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wedding bells, brain mush and a cry for help

So, I've finally been given permission to pass along the following info:

Randi and Keith are getting married!

Eeeeeeee! I'm sure those of you who know them have heard already, especially in this Facebook saturated world of ours (::cringe::), but I'm holding out hope that not all of you are glued to your Facebook page and maybe this is all a big surprise to you. So there you have it. After ten years together they've finally decided to tie the knot. And guess who gets to plan it? Yours truly and Mrs. Kate Geurin. Kate and I spend our time passing photos and wedding/party planning ideas back and forth anyway (yes, it's true, we really do this), so we were both thrilled and honored to be given the role of wedding planners for such a close friend. Heh. This is gonna be fun. And, any wedding where I'm not forced into a dress or heels, well, I'm a fan. Although, I think I'll be wearing a (comfortable and non-frilly) dress to this one anyway.

Please excuse the random and totally pointless posts I've been cranking out recently and possibly may be over the next few days. I'm finally getting close to filing my taxes, and folks, if you've never owned a business, let me just tell you that business taxes are brutal. Damn the man! Anyway, if I'm quiet here, or if you notice a long string of photo posts or something mundane like that, I'm not sick or dying or trying to give you the cold shoulder. I'm rotting in tax hell.

Also, Andy, an old coworker of mine, called me yesterday asking me for a bit of help. He has a young friend who just found out she has breast cancer and has to have both breasts removed. While this is simply tragic, she's chosen to look on the bright side of things and celebrate the fact that she's going to live. So, she's hosting a "Farewell To My Breasts" party and is looking for a cake made in the shape of a nice pair of boobs. Andy has asked me to take on the task of making said cake, and I agreed. But I have no clue what I'm doing. So I ask you, dear readers, do you know how I should go about doing this? Stacking three round cakes for each breast and carving them to shape is the route I'm thinking of taking, but I don't know if this is even wise. Is there an easier way of doing it? I've googled "breast cake" already and saw some pretty amazing cakes, but no one is sharing their technique. I'm waiting to find out how many people this cake has to feed and that will determine how big I'll have to make it. I guess I could always slap the boobs on top of a sheet cake if the guest number is high. Who knows. If you've done any of these weird shaped cakes and have some advice to offer, I'm all ears. I've never done something like this before. I'm afraid, and I think I should be. Eek!


Elisabeth said...

My friend Laura was a professional baker/cake decorator, and she used to tell me about all the funny cakes she was asked to make, including breast cakes. She said she made them pretty much the way you described, but I don't know hard it would be to do. Also, she & I once baked little "titty" cupcakes at work which were very cute. We died her homemade frosting a peach colour and covered them with that, then decorated the tops with rosy-coloured nipples/areolae. That could be a good alternative if the of making the breast cakes proves to be problematic.
Good luck!!

Kate said...

Thanks! I offered to make individual breast cupcakes, but Andy wants the full rack. Leave it to a guy to always want the full rack. Heh.