Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, here's the completed room...or at least I think it's completed. The only goal I didn't accomplish was the painting of the fireplace, and I'm okay with that for right now. With the new, brighter paint color and the much brighter, lighter curtains, the room just pops now where it just kind of drifted off into darkness before. I love it. The fireplace can wait. If I get sick of the brick all over again, one Sunday with a paintbrush should do the trick. What do you think? Any pointers for me? Anything you can't stand? I love how much the paint color changes with the time of day. In the morning the paint has a green tone to it and yet it's very blue at night.

Oh, and yes, my floors are dirty. Don't judge me. We're in the process of buying a new vacuum after our old one bit the dust. Meh.

More photos here.


kate said...

Gorgeous! Amazing! Love it! HOOOORAY!!!!
What a good table for sipping tea and crafting wedding invitations :)

Good Girls Studio said...

Loove it! Love your nooks & crannies...I want to come over & peruse it all! I could spend hours looking at your little collections & prints! I'm spying bowls of something (shells?) under a side table! Come decorate my place for me would ya! & yeah, the paint color is fantastic! Did you paint the ceiling?


Nancy said...

Hi Kate. LOVE IT The slide show on flicker is amazing..The room looks like something out of a Mag. You got it girl.. Love the color the most, refreshing and bright..Great Job, can't wait to see it in person... Love ya