Friday, June 4, 2010

deny, deny, deny

I really have no idea why, but this news story has been stuck in my mind for the last few days. I'll honestly do just about anything to keep myself from dwelling on this oil spill mess, so this little news item is juuuuust enough to keep me enthralled. Back when the Natalie Holloway case was in the news (and for a good solid year afterward), I couldn't stop reading/watching/listening for details. Something about it really caught my attention and held it there. With no real resolution to the story aside from this Van der Sloot scumbag's admittance on hidden camera that Holloway was, in fact, dead, everything in the media died out and the world moved on. When I read about this most recent ordeal, all of those thoughts and emotions came back and now it's all I can think about. I'll be watching for new news coming up soon, but I really hope they fry this bastard. His father, the man responsible for saving Joran's ass the first time around, is dead and gone and no longer able to save him again. Let's hope the Peruvian government tries him fairly and finds him guilty. Karma's gonna getcha, pal. Just ask OJ.


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i had a huge facebook discussion about this yesterday. i actually wished his father was still alive to see what this evil child has done now. in fact, i hope every single person who supported him the last time he got away with murder suffers the guilt for the rest of their lives. they have aided in him killing ANOTHER girl. i cannot say out loud what i think should happen to this guy, it is too brutal. people would get suspicious.
what chicks are even hanging out with this guy?