Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on the agenda

Well hey there, folks!

Ever have one of those blog days where you have lots to talk about, but nothing you really can talk about? I'm in the middle one of those days, so if this post seems scattered it's because my brain is working a million different ways all at the same time.

Let's see...what's been going on here? I've tested out the skirt pattern and I love it. I had a slight problem with the sizing, but that's something that's easily fixed. I automatically went with the dimensions to make a size large (the skirt pattern can be made as a small, medium or large) and the large was WAY too large. So I cut it down to a medium and thought I had a winner, but I guess the medium is a bit too big also. So I'm going to attempt a small despite the fact that I can't remember a time when I ever wore a small anything. We shall see. I plan to make some skirts for Randi (who is suffering through the extreme heat and humidity in Florida) but if I wear a small, what the hell will I make for her? The skirt is adorable, though, and I got compliments on the medium, saggy baggy and all. Super cute. The photo above features the fabrics up next in line for skirty goodness. Can you tell I'm going through a gold/brown phase?

My wonderful father turned another year older today. He hates it when people make a big deal out of it, so I figure I'll just hide this mid-post to avoid the lecture later on. But yes, today is the big day, so I now have an excuse to make the "Chocolate Death" cake. This cake is, by far, the most amazing chocolate cake ever to cross your lips, but it's so rich and decadent you just have to have an excuse to make it. This isn't your average bake sale cake, or something you make when you have your girls over for tea and gossip. This is a serious cake. My dad loves it, so I'm making it for him. He deserves such a luxury. Happy Birthday, Pop!

Dug out a small ton of Columbine from my garden. I randomly planted some seeds around the beds a few years back assuming that it's Columbine so therefore I'd automatically love it. Not so. This is that white Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris) that looks more like a weed than anything else and it just takes over everything. So I dug it out, bagged it up and gave it to my mom who wanted it for her back yard. The huge gaps left behind in my front beds just screamed out (in their best Evil Dead voices) "hey crazy, go to Faddegons and buy something new...fill us...fill us!!!", so I went. Folks, I know I've said it before and I'll say it a million times over, I love that place. The selection, the gift shop, the staff, the general vibe of the's all just so fantastic. Got a great deal on some black eyed susans, some tick weed, and some bee balm and it just looks so great. I re-mulched with a nice, chunky pine that looks more like rusty driftwood than anything else, and everything is just so neat and tidy now. Our house looks like someone lives there! Hooray! I have some work to do on the front porch, painting and re-screening and then our house will really look lived in. I can't wait. I love projects.

Oh! How could I forget? I made Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream. How marvelous! I've made lots of homemade ice cream before, and I prefer a cooked base over an instant one by far. I was really shocked at how quickly the custard set up for this recipe. Super thick, very rich, and just the right amount of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Delicious. If you own an ice cream maker, you must make this. You'll thank me for it. By the way, I use Simply Recipes to find most of my ice cream recipes. Something about the recipes there offer so much more than other recipes I've tested. Lots to choose from!

I think that's about it. Aside from these things I've been stressing a bit, watching too much television, balancing the tv out with lots of reading and crossword puzzles, and making plans. Lots to think about these days.


Ron and Connie said...

O.K. Now all of your talk about 'chocolate' things made me hungry... Can't wait to see pics of the skirts!! Have a great weekend!

Good Girls Studio said...

Happy belated birthday pop :)