Friday, July 9, 2010

open question

So, I'm curious about something. Maybe you can help.

I eat at Subway every day, at least once a day. It's cheap, I can easily count my points, eat a solid meal and never get bored. But Subway isn't the issue I'm trying to get into here and it's beside the point...

You see, the Subway in downtown Troy just so happens to be located in the same building as the local Planned Parenthood. Yeah, I know. Now, I'm not going to turn this post into an abortion debate because I really don't give a damn about what anyone wants or does not want to do with their own bodies. Most days there's a slew of abortion protester folks across the street carrying signs and kicking and screaming for the cause. That's fine. They have just as much right to stand there and scream as I do to walk through those doors and have the procedure done. I do, however, have to walk by them, witness the disgusting posters of graphic material and listen to them berate the escorts standing outside the door, and all I want is my damn veggie footlong!!!

So what I want to know is...why are they all crusty old men? Where are the women? I think I've seen one woman there over the last three years. What's this all about? Is this a geographical thing or does this go on where you live too? I hope you have the answer because frankly I'm more than just a bit puzzled.


Good Girls Studio said...

That is very strange. No clue.

Now I can't get that scene from Juno out of my head where you she goes to the clinic & the asian girl's like "your baby has finger nails you know!"

Agata said...

Hello, I'm just looking around your blog (and it's super lovely I might add) for your incredible botanical tattoo and I came across this post.
I'm from California, and I used to go to the ONE planned parenthood in the world that only got protested once a week only (they thought they did abortions on thursdays) and I must say they were all very old ladies. No one that actually represents the demographic that goes in there. The sad thing? I went there on a regular basis because I had no health insurance and they were the only place that would give me checkups and mammograms for free... Their waiting room was filled with mothers with screaming kids who couldn't afford shots. What bothered me that no one noticed that, and these old ladies would literally chase me across the parking lot with their rosaries and walkers to the point where I felt sorry for them :/ I don't know... I just don't know about all this... And I'm catholic!!!