Thursday, October 18, 2007

Loved it.

Okay, I'm never again taking anyones opinions on movies into consideration until I see them for myself.

A few months back Ben and I watched the original Wicker Man. The previews were out for the remake at the time and we wanted to see the original before wasting a cent on the new version. I know a lot of people despised the original, mostly because they didn't get it, but I absolutely loved much so, actually, that I went on to watch the director's commentary, deleted scenes and all of the extras the DVD had to offer, and then I even went online to see what I could find about it there. I was able to get past the hokey musical aspect of it and just focus on the plot, so I guess the movie just worked for me. Besides, I'm a huge fan of any movie where the main character doesn't "win" in the end and all hope is lost when it comes to victory on behalf of the hero/heroine. Yeah. Basically, if the good guy dies (or, better yet, if everyone dies) in the end, I love the movie.

So, when HBO started showing the remake, the Nicolas Cage version, I ignored the crappy reviews I read/heard about, recorded the sucker and gave it a watch this afternoon. Yes, ladies and gents, I loved this one too. Lots of creepy twins, great scenery (I'm so in love with the Pacific Northwest), and Molly Parker, who I'm oddly fascinated with. Good stuff. Give it a try if you haven't seen it. But really, you should watch the original first before you check out the remake. You'll thank me for it.

This is probably my last post until I get back from sunny (ugh) Florida. I'm sad to say goodbye to Olive, but I know this little break is long overdue. I'll be back with lots of stories and lots of pictures, I'm sure.

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