Saturday, October 13, 2007

Old bag

So, I've totally been neglecting this blog for far too long, and I'm sorry. But since I've left the workplace I've been a busy, busy girl.

I celebrated my 31st birthday last week. Yes, I'm officially an old bag. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party last weekend and as usual I had no clue they were planning anything. I'm such a sucker for things like this. This is the second time it's happened since I met Ben and either I'm just really naive or these people are really good. Probably both. Anyway, I scored lots of loot including a really amazing new camera, some new clothes (I was starting to look like a bum), lots of cash (tattoo???), an autographed photo of Blue Iris (thanks, Gary), a really nice lithograph of a Singer sewing machine, a new book, two new Wii games and the list goes on and on. Amazing.

Things are good. I honestly feel genuinely happy for the first time in a long, long time. I've realized that a lot of the physical ailments I've suffered from and ignored were all side effects of being depressed. Not sitting at a desk for nine hours a day does wonders for the body and I love being able to get up and go whenever I want or need to. Maybe someone should talk to Ann Coulter about this. Perhaps she's putting in too many hours at the office and she needs to take a fucking walk or something. Ha!

A few other things I've noticed recently:

1) I haven't had a headache since last Friday. For anyone who knows me, this is a big deal. I get headaches daily, sometimes multiple headaches in a day, and on a really bad day they morph into migraines which are completely crippling. I had been suspicious over the past few years about whether they were coming from the conditions in my office, but everyone made me feel like I was crazy for thinking that way, so I kept my mouth shut. Guess I was right all along. Seriously, kids, if you work in an office, do yourself a favor and look up common illnesses from working in a closed office space. The germs from your coworkers are the least of your worries. Do you have any idea what the carbon dust in the air from the Xerox machine can do to you? The list is endless.

2) There seem to be many more hours in the day for me now. My day seemed extremely rushed before, but now I feel like the day is smoother and longer. I've gotten up every morning before six, turned on Howard Stern and sewed like a madwoman....and I'm loving every minute of it.

3) I never realised how easy it is to get unemployment in New York. After fumbling my way through the automated systems, I managed to score myself a whopping $405/week for a few months until I get the business up and running. No questions asked. Just the way I like it.


4) Eric Bachmann needs to put out a new album as soon as humanly possible. I feel like it's been decades since his last one and I'm seriously jonesing for another. Can you make it happen? STAT!
Anyway, that's the latest. I'll post pictures soon of the projects I'm working on. I have a trip planned to Woodstock on Wednesday with my mom and Nabua, so I'll have pictures from that trip to share, too.

I fear that I'm becoming a rather boring person. Think so??? I'm baking bread with Mike tomorrow and I'm considering it a huge event. Does this make me lame??

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