Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Folks, there's a lot going on around here! I actually recently found myself telling someone that I'm looking forward to winter just so things will slow down a bit. You know how that works...things are busy, busy, busy all spring/summer/fall and then winter rolls around and POOF! Time slows down again. I like that. Of course by February I'm so stir crazy and ready to get outside that I start writing posts like this one, but still, I'm tired now. I need rest.

We're starting to get ready for our vacation this year and after months and months of planning, our journey is right around the corner. Talk about rest! I can't wait! At the same time, with vacation just a little over a week away, we're now trying to squeeze everything into these last couple of days just to get it in before we go. You never know what October could bring in the Northeast. For all we know we could come home to snow and lots of it! Anyway, yes, it's been busy. Here are the highlights:

Troy Night Out came and went very quickly this month. Lots of prep went into this one, and I don't just mean here at the shop. Troy is celebrating its quadricentennial and we were loaded up with lots of little festivals and extra events to mark the occasion. I accidentally discovered this guy's paintings and I'm absolutely, totally, 100% in love. Plan on seeing some of his stuff at the shop next year if I can squeeze him in. Love it. Especially the carcass paintings. Also, don't forget about Empty Bowls this weekend. Mark Sunday on your calendar and I hope to see you there!

I took a trip with my mom and grandmother to Fo'Castle Farm and loved every minute of it. This place is perfect for a mini day trip. If you're in the area and looking for a nice little place to have lunch and do some shopping, check it out. They're totally prepared for fall in the gift shop. The colors are quite spectacular.

I have a mini appointment with Glenn tomorrow night to have a little something done. Back when I was in college, my mom bought me a book full of symbols and their meanings, and there was one set of symbols that really caught my attention. I dog-eared the page back then, marking it for the day when I'd get it tattooed on my body. That time is now. Not sure if you can read the text underneath them, but they symbolize the four seasons from the viewpoint of vegetation. Here's the little blurb about them from the book:

"The four designs in the illustration represent seasons from the viewpoint of the vegetation. Spring shows young sprouts beginning to rise from the earth, in a pattern resembling a solar head. Summer, like uplifted arms, represents full-blown plants receiving the light of the sun and flourishing; it also resembles the cup that summer harvest fills with wine or juice, running over at the rim. Autumn's cup is reversed. The juice runs out, the cup turns down, the reversed cross represents the savior (seed) returning into the earth for a period of dark sleep before the resurrection. Winter depicts the seeds dormant underground, covered by a snow blanket, awaiting a new season of sun and sprouting."

I like that. Anyway, these little buggers are heading onto my wrists. Pictures to come when it's done.

Speaking of tattoos, Alex reminded me that I never posted the "after" photos of my sleeve. I can't believe I'd forgotten! So sorry! Here it is, all 23 hours worth of work and I couldn't love it more!

Took my sister to see Margaret Cho for her birthday over the weekend. I'm not a huge Cho fan, really, but I haven't laughed that hard in ages. Wow. She had two opening acts who were equally fantastic and we were seated in the front row, right in the center, so we had the best seats in the house. I'm so glad we went. Not only was it a great time, but I rarely get to spend time with Carly without spouses or kids around and it was nice to have some "adult" time.

Ben and I are trying to spend more time together recently as life gets in the way far too often. He whooped my butt at mini-golf (54-67...OUCH!) and I whooped his right back at Scrabble (I can't recall the score). We owe each other the opportunity to break the tie and we haven't decided if it'll be settled in darts or Tetris. Only time will tell. Not an interesting bit of information for you readers, I know, but I had to rub it in a little. Heh.

Ahhh, I think that's about it. Can this post be any longer???


Mare said...

long is good!

Addiction said...

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Good Girls Studio said...

Longest post ever! I {heart} fall ( & you!)! Hope you don't come home to snow, that would be way to early! Your sleeve looks awesome & if I work up some nerve that autumn symbol might end up somewhere on my body!

Kate said...

Thanks, my little Jo! DO IT! I'd love to have matching tattoos with you!

Jaimee said...

I had to double-check if there was a break in the post that I missed, Ha Ha!

That Farm looks amazing and YOU, my dear, look like a Botanical Beauty! Love the Ink!

So, where are you off to for the long awaited vacation?