Saturday, January 2, 2010

hook, line and sinker

I'm hooked.
I know there are much worse things out there to be hooked on, but my habit is getting a bit out of control.

I love the idea of drinking flowers.

Did you know...

* chamomile is used as a rinse for blonde hair?
* chamomile is native to Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean region?
* chamomile is used medicinally against upset stomach, irritable bowl syndrome and as a sleep aid?
* chamomile is a mild laxative (HOORAY!)?
* chamomile was used by the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks in a poultice and applied to wounds to speed up healing time?
* the first recorded mention of someone drinking Chamomile tea was in a document known as the Ebers Papyrus, which dates as far back as 1550 BC?
* in Ancient Egypt, Chamomile was used to embalm the dead, honor the gods and cure the sick?

Ahh, chamomile tea. You rock my world.


Jenny said...

I love Chamomile tea too. Did you also know it is really easy to grow? Just make sure to leave a few heads to dry on the stem & it will contiue to come back after the snow! Enjoy!

Daniel B. said...

I love the idea of eating the sun. Plants rock.

Mare said...

My friends and i were just talking about this too! I love the thought of drinking roses, jasmine, chamomile...

Jaimee said...

I like that idea too :)

And thanks for the never know when it'll come in handy!