Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, I've decided to take the plunge and try my hand at selling these. After witnessing the tremendous success of the bat houses, butterfly boxes and bee boxes last year, I wanted to keep the garden theme going this coming spring by trying something new. I've done this at my own house in the past and can say for sure that it works. We'll see if my customers want to try it too!

Hang these little cages in your yard next to bird feeders or bird houses and the birds will pull the yarn from the cage and make nests with it. The best part comes weeks later when you take a peek around your yard, and even in neighborhood trees, and find sturdy nests built with these same yarn scraps poking out. This is a great science project/lesson for children, but even old dorks like myself enjoy it too. And, to make it worth everyone's while, I made these nifty little robin ornaments as a freebie with purchase.

Comments? Suggestions? Complete and total waste of time? You tell me!


CAPow said...

that is a REALLY cute idea!

Good Girls Studio said...

That is freaking awesome! I have a nest that my mom found on the ground & it has shiny green foil ribbon in it. love it!