Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just ate a chocolate muffin from the coffee shop next door and feel incredibly guilty about it. I hate being like this.


Amanda said...

Listen up fantastic lady! You can not (CAN NOT!) let yourself feel bad when you eat something that isn't on your diet. Tomorrow is a new day.. and you'll get back on your healthy wagon and continue on your merry way. With that said, as long as you're not falling off your wagon every day, you're doing great! You have to allow yourself to cheat every once in a while to really appreciate all of the hard work you're doing on yourself.

Kate said...

Thank you, Amanda. And I agree with everything you said. I didn't destroy my diet as I ate the muffin in place of my normal lunch, but it was that lack of willpower that annoyed me. Thanks for the pep talk. I really needed that.