Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tempers, cell phone hate and even a little art

I need to develop a better scowl, I think, just so people will learn not to mess with me. I almost got into a fist fight with a full grown man this morning because he intentionally stole my parking spot. If you're not from this area, I should explain that parking spots in downtown Troy are so few and far between that people actually fight for them. Anyway, there's a pretty consistent flow of construction going on down here at all times, limiting the parking spot availability even more, and making my mornings very difficult these days.

After driving in circles for twenty minutes this morning, I pulled in front of a spot that was about to open up, put the truck in reverse and had my blinker on. I couldn't pull back behind the spot to wait because of even more construction, so I waited. The guy in the spot knew I was waiting for it and even gestured to wait a second while he put his cell phone down (lord I hate cell phones) and buckled his seat belt. He pulls out of the spot just in time for some other asshole to pull his gigantic van in. I put my truck in park (in the middle of the street, mind you) and got out. I start yelling at this guy (nasty, crude Cohoes girl speak) and he just shrugs his shoulders, laughs and gets on his cell phone. Let me just tell you, it took everything I had to not pull him out of the van and kick his flabby butt. I'm trying to keep my temper down these days, improving myself mentally as well as physically, and fighting is something that just doesn't agree with me. I fly off the handle way too easily and I'm trying to keep it in check. Don't mess with Cohoes girls, people. Like poking a bear at the zoo...not a good idea.

Anyway....deep breath.

So, I wasn't planning on talking about this here, but I figure maybe it'll bring some people out. At the end of this month, we're featuring paintings by my grandmother, paintings by my mom and my own mixed media stuff in the rear gallery of the shop. It's a generational thing I guess you could say, and it should be pretty sweet! My grandmother's and mother's paintings are amazing and look like this:

I love my grandmother's birds and my mother's trees. Can't get enough. I'm working out a photo project on canvas with embroidery and embroidery hoops. I'd explain more but I just don't know what the hell I'm talking about today. Photos to come. I'll need you crazy kids to help me out with pricing, too. If you can make it to the show, the reception is on Troy Night Out, May 28th, from 5-9pm. The show will be up until mid-June. Yes, there will be dip. Hope to see you there!


Elisabeth said...

If that is your scowl, then you might want to work on it, because it just looks like a sexy pout to me. ;)
But don't overdo scowl is apparently so threatening that it makes mothers yank their children away from me in public. Or maybe my face is just scary. :[

I love those paintings! I can't decide which one I like more, in fact. I think they "match" in a way, and would look fantastic displayed together. Is there anywhere online to see more photos of your mother & grandmother's work? I would love to see more!
The painting of the robin reminds me of this video I took last month:

Lemongrass Love said...

Wow wow wow, great to know there's other women out there that feel taking on a strange man one on one is completely feasible. Love the art, LOVE it.

Metalsgirl said...

oh, the bird painting is fantastic!! The odd thing is, I love bird drawings and paintings, but I am terrified of actual birds. Weird. But I really like the bird and the trees. Super cool idea to do the generational show! I would come if I lived anywhere close by!

emily said...

girllll, i would have thrown the biggest rock i could get my hands on through his windshield. and if i couldn't find a rock, then a glass bottle or a turkey leg. anything i could get my hands on. i would have been prepared to suffer any consequences.

i dont take shit off people. but i fully expect them to take shit from me.
i have a bit of a reputation for being outspoken.
i once flicked a lit cigarette into the car next to me while driving.
a while back my friend pissed off this other driver and they got one of their kids diapers and flicked the SHIT out of it onto her car. i still use that as an excuse to have children. i wish to use their bowel movements as ammo.

Good Girls Studio said...

Wish I was there to see your family art work! Show some pics of your goodies please (& by goodies I mean art work, don't be soo crude ;) hahaha)

You are a bad @ss! I'm in awe & laughing to myself as I picture you about whoop@ss on some old man!