Thursday, May 20, 2010

moving on

Yesterday was a really crappy day.

Not only did I infuriate myself by eating that muffin, but I also went apeshit on the clerks down at Troy City Hall. You see, good old Troy decided to go ahead and install parking meters in very hidden places and then leave the old "2 Hour Parking" signs right where they've always been. A little misleading, eh? I had no idea the meters were there and parked in my usual spot. Someone came in and told me that my truck was overloaded with tickets, and sure enough it was. So, I closed the shop and went down to City Hall (which just so happens to be in the same building as my old Verizon office, so you can imagine how badly my skin was crawling) and went totally berserk. I probably should have calmed down before entering the building, but, as I mentioned, yesterday was a crappy day so whatever.

::just as a side note here, it just dawned on me that I'm posting a lot about going crazy on people lately, and I don't want anyone to think I'm a total lunatic here. I just fly off the handle quickly. I'm working on it.::

Anyway, I was told to "get used to it", and the fact that customers have to pay to shop in our stores and employees and owners of said stores have to close their shops up to pay the meters or move their cars every hour or two, is part of "the NEW Troy". Makes you want to come right down here to shop, doesn't it? I'm fed up. I'm also not renewing my lease when it's up early next year. More on that soon.

So, I've moved on to a new day. I'm parking in the next town over which gives me the opportunity to get some exercise in the morning. It's a brisk walk over a bridge with gorgeous scenery, so things could be worse. I'm not allowing myself to think about what I'm going to do in the winter...just enjoying the new routine as much as I can. I'm trying to think positively about life as of late. I've had a few realizations that have changed my outlook on things, and I'm trying to savor them before my mood sours again. I've also decided to up my exercise intake in addition to the morning walk because I think this will help to pull me out of my slump and maybe make me not hate myself so much the next time I indulge in a chocolate muffin. God those things are fantastic.

I'm sorry for being such a crab here lately. I hope you guys don't blow me off for not being all roses and daisies all the time. There are an awful lot of those perky, happy, cheery blogs out there and I wonder how these women live lives like that day in and day out. Life isn't all roses and daisies all the time and bad days happen. Thank you for sticking with me through times like these. Things are looking up and big changes are ahead!


Ron and Connie said...

Isn't it nice to know that someone else is like you? I struggle every day with things like this. The one thing I have been doing for the last year is walking in the evening. It has made a world of difference. I can actually sleep at night and I feel a little better during the day. Don't let the little stuff get you down, process it and move on. And a chocolate muffin once in a while is a good thing. (((hugs)))

Kate said...

Thanks! And yes, the walking is helping. It also helps that I have an overactive dog who loves exercise. I appreciate the support!

Lemongrass Love said...

I kindly appreciate your normal blog, still check daily even though I've been out of the loop on my own blog. Ditto to everything you've said today. period.

Good Girls Studio said...

Please don't ever turn into one of those perky BS blogs where you just know that every day is covered with rose colored glasses so no one sees the real you ! {blech} You're not crazy, you're human! & that parking thing if a load of stink'n doo!


PS: if you're exercising more your metabolism increases so you can more easily burn off a chocolate muffin a day if you so please :)

Albany Jane said...

I too dislike the parking in Troy. The signs they do have up are confusing at best, and hidden at worst.

It seems more vindictive/retaliatory against businesses than something that will help with parking. Yes, Troy is a city experiencing a renewal. But putting in paid parking as it is now is just a hindrance to local shoppers and businesses. I've never heard any complaints about parking along River Street at the Hedley building, or in the heart of downtown.

There's still the parking garage that goes widely unused downtown for everyone to park in if they feel compelled to pay money to shop in Troy.

In short, Troy, it's just unnecessary and unfriendly.