Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Don't scare me like that!

So the nutcases who are responsible for the show Dexter are totally playing with my emotions.

I was under the impression that Sunday night's episode was the last for this season. After 52 minutes of some of the most intense television viewing ever (we're talking white knuckles, folks...if you don't watch this show, you're missing out in a BIG way) the screen went blank in an inappropriate spot and the voice over announced that there are still three weeks left. WTF? I'm happy because this means three more glorious weeks of what is quickly becoming my new favorite TV show of all time, but I also feel nervous that they're somehow going to screw this up. They have yet to disappoint me so I guess I shouldn't stress over it. And yes, it's a TV show and I'm totally ridiculous when it comes to stressing over something so meaningless. I'm a dork, what can I say.
In other news, the Christmas bug has bitten me big time this year and I think I'm starting to drive people nuts. The shopping is done. The gifts are wrapped. The decorations are up on the outside of the house already, so this basically means I've broken one of my own personal rules of life and how to live it. Nutty. I'm dying to get to the rest of the house, mainly the front room, but I'm a bit weary because this will be the first year we've had both a dog and a Christmas tree in the same relatively small space. It could mean disaster. It will mean disaster, I'm sure. Anyway, this is weird for me. I'm not normally the type of person who gets into Christmas. Mike keeps asking for his old friend back. The cynical one who hates the holly jolliness of people at this time of year. His friend has turned into what she hates.

I guess I shouldn't knock other people's styles when it comes to decorating for the holidays. As it is, I know most people don't share my taste for the simple cozy cottage style (hey people, we live in a COTTAGE!), but what's up with the giant inflatable holiday lawn decorations that seem to be taking over the world? A man a few doors down from us has a humongous Santa riding a Harley. The people up the street own property about half the size of ours and their entire lawn is covered by these things. Now, I know I should just mind my own business, keep my opinion of what's tacky and what's not to myself and let everyone have their fun. But seriously, let me ask you...how do these people afford their electric bill? We bundle up like Eskimos in the house during the winter because the cost to heat your house is so outrageous these days and I refuse to give National Grid any more money than I absolutely have to. The thermostat stays around the frosty 60 mark and I think I'm starting to notice fewer and fewer people coming to visit because it's uncomfortable to be here. That's a big change compared to the usual house full we've grown accustomed to.

I'm also turning into the Lamp Nazi, going from room to room making sure that there are no lamps turned on in a room that no one is using. Granted, this is good for the environment and it saves us a few bucks, but our bill is still incredibly high and every cent helps. So back to my question. How do people afford to heat their homes, light 'em up, and still manage to illuminate the neighborhood with the menagerie of Christmas kitsch on the front lawn? Am I missing something? Can someone give me a few tips? Am I the most bitter person you've ever met, or is this a realistic concern? Last I checked we were in the middle of an energy crisis. Or at least that's what I'm being told when I question why it costs me over $50 to fill my gas tank. Oy.

Today I'm helping Seth make Christmas ornaments to give as gifts this year. Anyone else doing any fun Christmas crafts???

OH! I'm also looking for a few good recommendations for sites with good window display ideas. I have two gigantic windows in the front of the shop and I have to figure out how to decorate them when I open up. Any ideas?

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