Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My tubes cannot be tied fast enough.

Oh man, I love kids but I am so not the mothering type.

After tonight's events (and you should know this lasted for a whopping HOUR, not all day or anything) I've realized that I made the right decision when it comes to not having children of my own. From here on out, anyone who tries to make me feel bad or guilty in the slightest bit for not having a baby can kiss my jiggly butt. It's not happenin'.

I watched Lola for Carly and Jeremie tonight while they looked at a place to possibly have their wedding. She was excellent and way too adorable for words for the first ten minutes. After that she screamed, and I mean screamed, for at least a half hour. I can take crying. Crying is no big deal at all. But this was the kind of hysterical screaming/crying that made her hyperventilate for a few minutes. Have you ever cried so hard that sound just doesn't come out anymore? She was there and beyond. I seriously wondered for a minute there if I should have had a CPR refresher before agreeing to babysit.

I'm a total wuss, apparently. I love that I can give other people their kids back.

I have so much more respect for any mother, especially mothers of more than just one child. And mothers who have multiple children in a single birth...god bless you.

In another 2 hours and 22 minutes I'll be taking my pill.

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