Sunday, November 11, 2007


So I scored a really great pattern from an Etsy seller last week and started making these adorable Japanese-style baby shoes. I'm waiting to see Carly so I can try them on Lola. She may be too big for them now, but luckily the pattern is meant for sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. I went with the smaller pattern this time around just to be safe but I'm curious to see if she's grown into a bigger size. That little one is growing like a weed!!! If they don't fit I'll sell them in the shop.

Oh, and JoAnn's had a big yarn sale too, and I grabbed a bunch of the prettiest yarn ever. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but the colors in this yarn reminded me of mermaids. So cool.

In other weekend news, we came ::thisclose:: to adopting another dog. Ben and I have been toying with the idea of a second dog for a while now, and now that we're back from vacation and settled in again I think it's time. We're both interested in adopting a Pit Bull, not only because we're both big fans, but also because Olive is 1/2 Pit and we need something that can withstand her strength. She's a small dog considering her makeup and she's the most gentle dog you'll ever meet, but man is she strong. You really have to be careful with her because if you're not paying attention and she's on a leash she could literally rip your arm out of the socket.
Anyway, there's a local rescue called Out of the Pits that I contacted last week and unfortunately they called us back at 9:45 on Friday night to invite us to an adoption clinic on Saturday morning. The woman warned us that we need to get there early or the best dogs (read: puppies) would be gone before we even got there. Seeing as how we had NO notice, we couldn't make it to this particular clinic, but I'm going to call her about attending the next one. We have our eyes on this little girl here:

I'm sure she's been adopted already. People are crazy if they didn't snatch her up. How cute is she??? If we're lucky, we'll get her. If not, well, I'm sure another one will come along. I know Olive would thank us for it.

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