Thursday, May 29, 2008

Am I wrong?

Is it totally pathetic of me to be upset that a new bag I just (and I mean juuuuust) made and just fell in love with just sold? This thing was hot off the machine and on display for less than a half hour and it's gone. I never took a picture of it and I'm seriously feeling kinda bummed that it's no longer here. I really liked it. I'm lame, right?

Do you ever feel remorse for selling or giving away the things you make?


Amanda said...

Every single treat that leaves my house, I feel sad about. But then I remember that it's going to make a dog VERY it makes it ok.

You're the least lame person I've ever come in contact with.

Good Girls Studio said...

I get sad whenever I sell anything! There's a part of me in everything I make...


I'm quite sure the $ in my pocket will help me get over it :P