Thursday, May 15, 2008

blah, blah, blah

Nothing exciting to report, really, but I do feel the need to check in with you lovely folks. I've been working in some new inventory here at the shop and getting ready to update the window display. I really suck at designing this window. I'm thinking of awarding a gift certificate to anyone who can come up with something spiffy that will make this place look amazing. I'm not opposed to anything, really, and I'll take any concept from simple to totally outrageous. I really need help.

I feel as though the universe is playing with me in an odd sort of way by making children's clothing and toys quickly become my number one seller. Anyone who knows me, or has been reading this blog long enough knows how I feel about kids and now they're my main source of income. How odd. I'm learning more and more about the children's market and the fact that I can look at an article of clothing and immediately tell you what age a kid would have to be to fit in it is quite possibly the most frightening thing that's occurred to me in a very long time. Truly insane.

Anyway, I just want to welcome some of the new sellers in the shop and thank them for joining the ranks. Oh, and if any of you know the owners of Sister's Simple Soap, please, please, please let them know that I've been trying to reach them, for I am desperate for more of their amazing soap. And if you don't know them and aren't familiar with their product, buy yourself a bar. You won't regret it, trust me!

Aside from that, my dear little lambs, there's nothing else to report. That's right, I suck.

P.S. Murray, keep an eye on the mail. I have a surprise coming your way soon! It'll be mailed tomorrow or so, so it'll more than likely arrive sometime next week. Hope you like it!


Jaimee said...

Well, I had to let you know I caught The Dead Girl on TV last night- (a bit of a disturbing pic) but can you believe I fell asleep with 10 minutes to I don't know how it ends.

Oh, and how lucky is Murray to get a surprise from you. I'm sure she's excited and I can't wait to see what it is too :)

Kate said...

Hey Jaimee! Wow, are you going to watch it again, at least for the end? It wasn't a very shocking ending, but good nonetheless.

Oh man, Murray sent me the mack daddy of packages this week and I owe her big time. I picked something out from a little store near mine and I hope she loves it.

Good Girls Studio said... in your future... getting a vibe here kiddo :)

Ok so the shop looked windows looked amazing for the opening...I have faith in you that you can do it again!..Maybe a childrens theme :)

Kate said...

Ugh, god. You're killing me. I didn't want to get too graphic on the blog because you know how certain people can get, but we recently took care of the possibility of having kids (meaning, my husband took care of it, if you catch my drift). If I get pregnant it will be a major miracle.

I'm seriously drooling over that necklace you posted today. I'm begging, and I mean BEGGING my husband to buy it for me, but seeing as how I gave the thumbs down on the whopper of an LCD television earlier this afternoon, I don't think I'm going to be that lucky. Bummer. Big, big bummer.

Good Girls Studio said...

ahhhh...the 'ol snip snip huh! My viber must be broken ;)

I'm quite sure the necklace will be much less $$ than an LCD TV...just say'n.

Good Girls Studio said...

hehee I wrote "viber"..looks like it supposed to be short for something else when all I was really trying to say was that my vibe was off! I in the running for most comments on 1 post??? :P

Kate said...

Can't stop laughing. Viber.