Monday, May 12, 2008

Sucked in

You might want to do yourself a favor...

1) Go to your nearest video store, Netflix page, favorite movie download site, Showtime channel (they've got in on the On Demand channels this month), etc.

2) Find the movie, The Dead Girl.

3) Try to resist getting sucked into the plotline.

Wow. What an amazing movie. Definitely one of my newest favorites. I watched it yesterday simply because I was browsing around and it looked more interesting than anything else that was on at the time. I watched about 95% of it and turned it off when our guest showed up. After he left, I waited patiently until I could regain control of the television and watched the entire thing all over again. Star-studded cast, well developed plot, amazing talent. I strongly recommend it.

Oh, and don't let the fact that Brittney Murphy has a small part in this movie change your mind. She sucks, yes. But I didn't mind her here. Hopefully you won't either.


Jaimee said...

I'll have to check it out... unfortunately, I'll have to wait until Hockey Playoffs are over. I don't suppose it's a movie I could watch during the day with my 4 year old, eh?!?!

Kate said...

Hmmmm....nope. Sorry Charlie!

Sandee said...

I really liked Brittany Murphy in this. She's a great character actress. This was reminiscent of her great work in Girl Interrupted.

RavenGirl said...

Girl Interupted ROCKED! I love Brittany in that movie. If this is like that then good to go, I sure hope it's not a snoozer like Just Married!