Thursday, April 2, 2009

A slave to the man

That's me. And if "The Man" were standing in front of me right now I'd kick him in the shins. I hate doing taxes. This is the first year I'm gathering data for the business, too, so I'm sure you can feel my pain. Any pointers for me? I'm sitting here surrounded by piles of paper, receipts and notes to myself and I'm starting to panic. Help!


Murray said...

I LOVE doing taxes! Admittedly, mine aren't very difficult though. I'm assuming you've been saving receipts like a mad woman so you'll be able to back all of your calculations...still... you should think about putting out the cash to hire someone to help though. Is this your first year as Sole Proprietor? You should be able to claim all (if not nearly all) of your initial upstart costs if it's within the first (or second year). You can always benefit by having someone with experience look your work over and check if you missed anything.

It might help if you ask a few of the older businesses in Troy if they typically hire an accountant (and if so, who?) or do their own taxes. I'm sure they'll be able to relate.

Good luck!

Good Girls Studio said...

my advice is to have someone else do it! & keeping really good filing systems (which probably will help you NExt year if you didn't stay organzied this go round). Much love my helpless friend!

Kate said...

Thanks, Ladies.

Here's the wacky thing:

I tried hiring an accountant...THREE TIMES. All three times I was told, by accountants, that I shouldn't waste money on an accountant. That, to this day, still blows my mind. One out of the three people is an old friend of mine and she said a decent program like Turbo Tax should help me through it. So, we're going to give it a shot and hope like hell that I don't get audited.

I'm almost done, really. I've kept good records and kept receipts for everything. PayPal is killing me, really. Everything else isn't so bad. Thanks for the help. I think I needed to whine a bit.

Anonymous said...

kate, i started using an accountant last year and it's worth every single penny -- and my taxes are relatively simple compared to yours. plus, she'll give you general financial advice if you want it, often free of charge. she's up in clifton park. send me an email if you want her name/number.

shoshonasnow said...

Yuck! Taxes totally suck. Maybe this will make you feel better?

Good Girls Studio said...

FYI I tried turbo tax last year by myself with the help of an accountant friend. The accountant that I have now redid my taxed & I got more money back. & TUrbo Tax was confusing as hell plus you have to buy the state program too.