Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Alice!

I've broken my resolution to watch less tv, but you already knew that. I'm watching just as much as I was, if not more, and I'm looking forward to nicer weather simply because I find myself outside more anyway.

That said, can I just tell you how absolutely elated I am that Showtime has decided to sign on for a second season of United States of Tara? Are you watching? It's my favorite show out now and I was worried about its longevity. Too many shows have been tossed aside and forgotten way too prematurely (Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, etc.) and I hoped that this wouldn't be one of them. An incredible cast (Toni Collette is just plain amazing and John Corbett is about as scrumptious as it gets), a soundtrack that never ceases to impress me, and a plot line that, at this point, could go anywhichway. Great stuff. Now if they could only increase the episode length from 30 minutes to an hour, I'd be one elated chick.

Even the opening credits are sweet:

Check it out if you haven't already. Netflix will have it available if soon, and I'm sure you can find it online, too. You'll thank yourself for it. I promise.
Oh, and P.S. I finished Twilight last night and unfortunately now I have to see the movie. Jo, take me back!!! Heh.


Good Girls Studio said...

I love you long time :)

Jaimee said...

I try to save up a few at a time and then DVR them...they just seem too short any other way. I just love disfunctionality! Tell me you weren't a Six Feet Under Fan too!!! Such clever writing!!!