Sunday, August 1, 2010

36 years young

So Kate had the brilliant idea to throw a Sesame Street themed birthday party (and preferably a "pre-Elmo" Sesame Street party since we're all super nostalgic children of the 70's) for Dave this year. We headed down to Peebles Island for a nice picnic lunch, some volleyball (found out the hard way that my volleyball "skills" have miraculously disappeared since high school) and an overall great time. Happy Birthday, Dave! I know the actual date is a few days away, but it's never too soon.
More photos here.

P.S. Thanks for the get well wishes yesterday. I'm feeling much better today.


Mare said...

Happy Birthday Dave! I love your Cookie Monster cupcakes!

Good Girls Studio said...

Awesome! Love the gift bag...someone is very clever!

I always always always put black olives on each of my fingers & than eat them off, that could very well be a pic of me from childhood :) Cute!