Friday, August 20, 2010

wishful thinking?

I'm not sure what the conditions are like in your neck of the woods, and perhaps this is just a matter of wishful thinking, but I'm noticing little hints of autumn popping up all over the place.

Leaves are changing (and falling!) here and there, the weather is cooling down and the air has that crisp, clean smell about it, sweaters and jackets are making their appearance in stores (eeeee! velvet blazers!), the moon is starting to get that golden glow, and, most importantly, my toad lilies are starting to bud and bloom!

I find this to be slightly alarming because, let's face it, it's still only August.

Signs of autumn only start to show up here in late September, so something is a bit off, but I'm enjoying it so much!

How will I celebrate this?

* A trip here for sure for lunch and shopping.
* A trip here with The Lo for pumpkins, apples and the like.
* Two words: Garlic. Festival.
* A day spent making a humongous batch of tomato jam (I make something similar but couldn't find the exact recipe recipe coming soon!)
* Wearing these entirely too much, along with something very similar to this and this found at a thrift store for a fraction of the cost.
* Far too many nights taking shots of the moon.
* Long walks. More walks. And more walks just about anywhere.
* More soups and stews than we'll know what to do with. You're crazy not to make that stew, by the way.
* Baking, baking....oh, and baking.

Bring on the tights and pumpkins!!!
I'm more than ready.


emily said...

we are no where close to that down here. it is 97degrees this very moment and fall is a short thing that just happens one day in december. haha.

Modernsnap ! said...

Good Lord, I hope you are right! I'm literally DYING to wear a jacket and boots and socks. Can't take this heat much longer! :)

Momma Button said...

Still too warm here, but school started this week.....and the county fair is in two weeks. So that means that Autumn is not far away.

Rumor said...

I think I like you. Alot. :)

And I love the new pic at the top of your page!