Friday, February 8, 2008

Hell Friday

Okay, I've floated between fits of rage and bouts of hysterical crying over today's events.

I know I've said this before, but if you're considering opening your own brick and mortar shop, please, please, please do not do so if the building is in the process of being sold. I met my (almost) new landlord today and I've never met a bigger asshole in my life. I won't get into the insane details here, but I'm now considering getting out of my lease for the space in Troy and starting all over again from scratch. Half of me wants to cut and run. The other half wants to stick with it and fight this guy 'till the end. If I choose option two, though, it might mean three years of total hell dealing with this man. It pains me to even call him a man. He's a prick.

Does anyone here know the repercussions of stepping out of a lease? It was signed on Monday but no money has been exchanged yet. No work has been done in the space so it's not like they can hold that over my head. There's nothing in the lease stating anything about backing out. Can anyone help me? I'm about to totally lose it here.

Sexist pigs will be the end of the world, mark my words.


Good Girls Studio said...

that totally sucks! you might want to consult an attorney. hope everything works out as planned!

Kate said...

I'm thinking about it, honestly. Luckily I have the weekend to think about it before I make my move. I just hope I make the right one.

Sarah said...

oh kate, that sucks. slow down though and don't rush into anything if you're feeling unsure. a crappy landlord will make your life a living hell. i'm dealing with a landlord crisis here at my store and its making me want to shut down and run away. email me! we should talk and i want to talk to you about consignment (like you're not busy enough :-)
feel better!

letitiah said...

oh, I hope that, whatever you decide, it is worth it!

Kate said...

Thanks, guys. I'm getting so much support during this whole ordeal and it's been tremendous. Thanks. I'll post an update tomorrow, if I have one. I'm waiting to hear from the current owner of the building to see what my options are. I really don't want to start over, but then again, I really don't want to deal with this asshole for the next three years, either.

Sarah, I'll e-mail you tomorrow. I'm curious to hear about what you're going through with your landlord situation. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems.

More info tomorrow, I'm sure...I hope.