Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taking chances

Today was a better day, or so it seemed.

I spent most of it sewing and listening to The Howard Stern Show (he makes every day complete for me...but what happened to Artie today???) and then I visited with Carly for a few hours. Lola was sad all morning so I played with her before her nap. She's getting so big now I can't believe it. Carly started feeding her applesauce and smashed bananas and she seems to love it. God, before you know it she'll be running around like a maniac. I know it sounds corny but I can't wait to do arts and crafts projects with her. Even when she was in the womb I daydreamed about making little projects and working in the garden with her. Little things like that. Gotta love the benefit of having a curious little mind around you when you want them there, only this one goes home at the end of the day (read: when I've had enough).

I finally had my talk with the landlord (the current one, not the new asshole) and his assistant. I think I've decided to stay in Troy and stick the three years out. The landlord offered to destroy the lease if that's what I want to do, but I'm thinking differently today. I wish I had some sort of mentor to sit down with and really go over what this means for me, but I don't. I'm going on my gut feeling here, and that's mostly made up of anger, frustration and rage over what's happened. Not the best way to start out a new career, but I'm not going to let some jerk destroy the plans I've been making for the last year. No way. Anyway, I have until tomorrow to let him know officially, so if anyone has advice that might change my decision, speak now or forever hold your peace. And hey, at the very least, if the new landlord keeps up with the harassment, it will certainly make for a sassier and more interesting blog, don'tcha think?

OH! After I was home for a while I realized that I had forgotten to buy rolls for our grilled portabella mushroom cap sandwiches (tonight's dinner), so Mike and I made an emergency run down to Remsen Street to check out the new shops there. I was told there was a bakery that just opened and this place rocks! I bought a loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread (sorry, they were out of rolls), some horseradish goat cheese, a walnut scone (breakfast for tomorrow), and three chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven, for Mike. My whopping total? $9. The bread was out of this world. This place uses all local ingredients. They sell things like quiche, pierogies, gourmet soups, sandwiches and baked goods. This might sound like small potatoes to some of you, but a shop like this on Remsen Street in Cohoes is unheard of. Actually, a SUCCESSFUL shop like this on Remsen Street is a crack dream. So many of these little places keep popping up and I really hope they do well! Very inspiring. On my next visit I'll check out the New York wine store. Yes, one does exist.

This rant was long enough. I'm still ordering inventory for the shop and I'm currently drowning in PayPal invoices! HELP!


Banana-head Pancake said...

ohmygoodness, this does sound like a load to think about. Is it worth staying in this location? Are there other options? It seems so tempting to say, well if it's bad now, that's probably a sign. But, at the same time, you could be looking back in a year laughing at all this struggle. I hope it's the latter! :)

xo lauren

letitiah said...

sticking to your guns -- oooh good luck! like lauren's comment above, I hope this works out great for you and that you rarely even have to see jerk-landlord-to-be anyway, except to give him his cheque once a month.

and your food sounds crazily delicious.

Kate said...

Thanks, ladies! I think I'm making the right decision, although my track record for decision-making isn't the greatest. The deal is done, though, so now I have to work with it. Thanks for your well wishes, and Letitiah, grilled mushroom caps are a regular thing here. C'mon over for some dinner!