Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 days

Whew! Still going strong.

I'm working today and tomorrow and then the rest of the week, well, I'm gone! As excited as I am for my sister and my amazing friends, Kate and Dave, I'll be happy when things go back to normal. Eek! I'm sure they'd agree with me. Everyone's world has been turned upside down, or so it seems.

I'm enjoying the time spent with my family from out of town, and while my husband thinks I've abandoned him (I haven't been home for more than a few hours at a clip in over a week), I have to squeeze in as much time with the out-of-towners as I possibly can...especially seeing as how it'll be at least another year before I get to see them again.

So, yeah. For now, I'll share with you a few pictures of the blushing bride. Isn't she lovely?

My mom, aunt, grandmother and I took a trip to Fo'Castle Farms, one of my most favorite places in this area. It's the perfect little day trip for lunch, shopping and just relaxing. Fall and Christmas time are the two best times to visit. At this time of year, they're loaded with pumpkins and mums, apple cider donuts and apples, scarecrows and gourds. The foliage is fantastic (we're not quite at peak time yet, though) and that smell in the air is so incredibly refreshing, I feel like I don't deserve something THAT good, you know? We had a nice time, and I can't think of better people to have shared the day with.
And one more shot for good measure, just because, well, I couldn't resist:


nicole. said...

I'M GOING TOMORROW!!! I'n sooo excited!

Kate said...

Yay! The food was great, as usual, and the decor, well, it rocks. Have fun!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Love all the fall picks...Wish I could decorate all year with pumpkins & guards, soooo my colors!