Thursday, October 9, 2008

it came and went too fast

Bachmann last night.

Ahh, yes. Good times.

I shook off the obnoxious fangirl jitters and had the opportunity to chat with him again...shared a laugh over a botched attempt at giving him my "over 21" wristband so he could buy a drink. Unfortunately, we managed to get snagged during the old switcheroo by club security, who, ironically enough, looked to be well under 21 themselves. Go figure.

Anyway, the sound sucked in the club and they not only drowned out Bachmann's voice but they even managed to make Okkervil River sound kind of assy. I was on cloud nine, though, so I didn't care then and I still don't really care now. No cameras allowed this time around so I'm using an old (and I mean OLD) shot for this post. God, I look awful and mildly psychotic, too!

I'm actually trying to figure out how many times I've seen him play live, whether with the Loaf, Crooked Fingers, or on his own. If you know me well, I've probably dragged you along to a show or two, and I even dragged a few of you over several hundred/thousand miles to see him. Can you help me figure this out? Pretty please?

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