Friday, October 3, 2008

Mmmmm, burritos

Despite the plethora of crises plaguing our country at the moment, apparently THIS is what our local news reporters and our neighbors feel is the important stuff.

People, really, get a life. If your kid is growing up in Troy, Cohoes, Waterford or the Burgh, I've got news for you, they're saying a whole lot worse than "badass". I mean, honestly, the potential next president of the United States refers to his wife by lovingly throwing the the c-word around (I'd like to note that I personally hold nothing against the c-word) and you're worried about your kids asking you to take them out for a Badass Burrito?!?!? The horror.

Please make sure you remember to put down the crack pipe BEFORE washing their mouths out with soap.


Anonymous said...

i agree people say much worse than that. even not having kids, i think that is a very poor tasteless name, and i won't visit that place just because of the name. kids are growing up bad because of ethics like this, we need to teach kids right from wrong, and what are we teaching them by letting a resturant name their place "badass". you can have a good resturant or fast food place with "ass" in it's name. i love mexican, but again, just because of the name of it i won't go there. and don't tell me to put my crack pipe down cuz i don't do drugs or drink, but i do have morales and ethics, unlike the person above me does.

Jamie Z said...

I cannot believe that someone would not give local business to an establishment just because of the name. Honestly you claim to have morales and ethics? How can you obide by them, when they are so far up your ass? Morals and ethics have nothing to do with this name, maybe you are to dumb to see past it. Do your children drink coke? I sure hope not because by your standards the name of that product is immorale.