Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, so I'm a bad shot

Let me start this post off by saying that shooting guns is fun.

Really, really fun.

As in, I would do it regularly if I had the chance.

I'm not the greatest shot, that's for sure, but I did hit the backboard where the target was located, so that's saying something, right? Here's what I mean:
Not too bad, but I'm disappointed that I didn't do better. Maybe next time. Ben, on the other hand, hit the target with every shot and I was impressed. He showed me up! Oh, and no pictures of me with a gun, sorry. Ben offered but I declined because I worried about looking like a total ass. Again, maybe next time.

My weekend was overwhelming, but great. I had something to do on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. Spending time with the in-laws is always a great time. Diana, my mother-in-law, sent me packing with a ton of loot that made me feel like I had just celebrated Christmas. A giant box of fabric, two huge containers of old buttons, yards and yards of lace and trims, quilting magazines...the list goes on and on. I'm a lucky gal.


Lemongrass Loot said...

Oooh, how exciting to shoot a gun! I want to! Definitely hit us up next time with a photo, put your best Clint Eastwood face on. Oh, on a previous post, love your store displays. My hub and I used to have a store (which looks quite similar to yours) and I know the amount of work it takes to keep it all cool and cute so great job!

Lemongrass Loot said...

Dangit! It shows Lemongrass Loot as my blogger name, that is still a secret for an upcoming sales blog of mine, but yeah, it's still just me...

Kate said...

I'll try for a self portrait with a gun next time. We shall see.

What kind of store did you have?

Lemongrass Loot said...

It was an unfinished furniture store with only real wood that we custom finished and an art gallery with only original local art. It was cute and adorable but after 4 years, the money just ran out...I don't miss it one bit.

Good Girls Studio said...

bang bang :)