Friday, March 6, 2009

Old friends, big talent

So, just like Troy has its gathering once a month (Troy Night Out), Albany has theirs on the first Friday of every month. I've never attended a First Friday event yet, but I'm about to. Tonight, one of my oldest and dearest friends, Mr. David P. Geurin, will exhibit his paintings at the Wine Bar & Bistro, 200 Lark Street, Albany. Head on into Albany and check it out! Seems like it'll be a great time! Dave's making quite a name for himself, eh? He's all over the place!
I'd just like to add here that Dave doesn't normally wear women's shoes. A cross dresser he's not. But he is a great sport and participated in last year's Walk a Mile event. I can't remember who took this photo, so I can't take credit for it, but I think maybe Kate took it. It's one of my favorite shots of Dave.


Good Girls Studio said...

ooo lala...he's hot & an artist!! too bad I live sooo far away ; )

kim said...

damn! i walked right past there last night but didnt go in...i only had time to see a couple places before heading to empac. if i had known this was up i would have gone in, do you know if his work will be hanging in the wine bar all month?

Jaimee said...

Well, I think he looks just dashing in those pink fuzzy kitten heels!!! :)

kristin said...

phew! i was hoping he wouldn't be starting a new trend of sport socks with heels!