Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy Friday, everyone! And for those of you local folks, Happy Troy Night Out! This one is supposed to be big for lots of reasons, and if you've looked out the window recently you probably saw the sun shining! It's been pouring here for close to a week now and I was worried that the rain would put a damper on tonight's festivities. Guess luck is on our side!

Tonight (and for the next month or so), we're featuring art by the Brunswick ARC Art Project Gallery. I had the honor of seeing their work last year and am thrilled with the idea of showing some new pieces of theirs this time around. This is amazing stuff, and the folks in charge are selling prints of the paintings for an incredible 10 bucks! Coincidentally, some of the ARC folks will also be showing work next door at The Broken Mold pottery studio. So stop by, have some food and wine, take a peek at the art, and shop around in downtown Troy. You'll thank yourself for it!