Wednesday, May 20, 2009

one good read

I'm completely and totally invested in this book at the moment and every second spent away from its pages kills me.

I know a lot of us have been thinking more and more about the planet lately, especially the massive, damaging footprint we're leaving behind. Some of us are looking for ways to do something about that, treading a little less heavy and living life a bit more responsibly. The folks responsible for this book not only thought about it, but they actually did something about it.

This is the story of two people in Vancouver, BC, who made the commitment to consume only foods harvested within a 100 mile radius of their home. So far there have been many moments where I've not only been able to relate to their woes (culinary "been there, done that" woes, if you will), but I've also laughed out loud at the craziness and of it all. This is something that can be done, but it takes more than just a bit of effort. I'm envious of this experience and would love to give it a shot. The feeling of accomplishment when I look down at my dinner plate and realize that every single item came from the local farmers' market is wonderful, but I know we can do even more.

So check it out and give it a bit of your time. It's a short, easy read. Buy it here or here, and if you're in the Troy area, you really should just buy it here. Random House is currently offering the ebook as well.


LK- Healthy Delicious said...

this sounds liek the kind of book that will make me feel guilty.

Kate said...

Surprisingly not, actually. I kind of thought the same thing before I started reading, as books with this kind of subject matter tend to be preachy. These people decided to give this new lifestyle a shot and wrote the book based on their experiences and struggles. Great stuff!

Good Girls Studio said...

Ohhhhh....I've been meaning to read that book & couldn't remember the name of it...sweet!