Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The totally random post of doom

Is it even possible that I need a vacation already this early on in the year? I'm pretty beat and would love nothing more than to head to the beach for a long week. Or two. Yeesh! This weekend was whirlwind, and that's putting it nicely. After working all day Saturday, Ben and I headed to see Bianca's last roller derby match of the season. I'm so sad it's over already, but I just keep reminding myself that they'll be back. Bianca's team, the Albany All Stars, kicked some serious roller skating butt, and I loved every single second of it. The fact that the opposing team drove all the way up from Pennsylvania and lost miserably was a little sad, I'll admit, but I'm still glad the All Stars took it!

Aside from that, I got all of my herbs planted, my tomatoes potted up and the gardens weeded. I'm retiring two old garden beds that are pretty much spent and unused at this point. With the out of control stray cat population in my neighborhood (more on that some other time...I need to keep my blood pressure under control today), it's impossible to plant edibles in the ground without a ridiculous amount of cat poo all over the place. I know that poop is poop, and I put plenty of manure in the soil, but something about the idea of fresh, juicy, home grown tomatoes on my salad isn't quite as mouth watering when I think about the cat crap these same tomatoes grew in. Nice. So, terracotta pots were an absolute necessity on my last greenhouse visit. Several vendors at the farmers' market claim that container gardening brings about tastier tomatoes anyway, so I'll have to see for myself. Anyway, if you have any tips on keeping stray/feral cats off of your property, I'm all ears. This is getting out of control.

My mom and I headed out on a day long shopping excursion for craft supplies yesterday, and I'm convinced that I'm completely bushed today because of the excitement. It's amazing how tired you can actually be after a day of shopping madness. Fun times! With Troy Night Out just around the corner, plus a charity fundraiser, and River Fest coming up next month, I'm keeping busy by making a ton of new bags and jewelry. This new load of fabrics, trims and beads should hold me over for a while. Or not.
Oh! One other thing...I'm now selling canvas tote bags with the Paper Sparrow logo on them. Small bags are $5 and large bags are $6. One dollar from every sale will be donated to the Regional Farm and Food project. This is a great foundation and I'd love to help them out in any way possible. Come on into the shop to grab them up before they're gone!

And for a quick update on the stuff coming up around here (as if this post could possibly be any more random), here's a list of events, times and info in case you're in the area and looking for something to do:

Troy Night Out - Friday, May 29th. We're featuring artwork by the Brunswick ARC. I had the opportunity to check the work out last summer, and it was magnificent. I'm excited and honored to feature new work by the same artists here at the shop. We're serving the usual foods, dips and wine. Come on in for a bite to eat and some great shopping.

Samaritan Hospital Auxiliary Afternoon Tea - Saturday, May 30th. All proceeds benefit the Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Assistance Program for Rensselaer County. Raffles, food and good times. I'll be there selling handbags and jewelry. If you're interested in participating, please let me know.

A new farmers' market - Every Wednesday starting June 3rd (3pm - 7pm) at the MarketPlace between Washington Street and Liberty Street. This new little market will come to life in a few weeks and will feature several different vendors than what the big Saturday market offers.

Weekly craft fairs - Saturdays in June, July and August. I'm waiting for more information on where it will be held and at what time, but I'm really, really excited about the idea of a weekly craft fair! Amazing stuff.

River Street Festival - Saturday, June 20th from 10A - 5p. This is the big one, folks. I can't believe it's that time of year already, but it's here. Tons of amazing artists and crafters, music, great food, a juried sidewalk chalk art contest and shopping. You absolutely should NOT miss this festival. It's a great time for everyone. And it has just been announced that Cracker is the headlining music act this year. So excited about that.

As always, if you have any questions about any of these events, please feel free to contact me. I'll do my best to help out. Hope to see you!


Anonymous said...

first, i LOVE the regional farm and food project and LOVE that you are supporting them! awesome!

second, when i had my garden in brooklyn, i had the *brilliant* idea to plant catnip for my two cats. can you imagine the fiasco? every stray cat in the neighborhood was rolling in my garden! honestly, it was a feline mosh pit. the debauchery! the poo!

leah said...

there is nothing grosser than digging in the soil to find that clump you just squished with your bare hands was cat shit! i wish i had some advice for you but i am in the same boat.

sounds like you have quite a busy and exciting schedule these days. i need to find my way to troy more often. there is so much cooler stuff going on there than over on this side of the river.

obligature (aka Moxie) said...

Aw, yay! Thanks for coming to the bout. I always like reading people's impressions 'cause the whole thing's always a blur for me.

Good Girls Studio said...

cat poop + tomatoes = :( BLT

...love the new bags!

Kate said...

Jo, you crack me up.

Jaimee said...

Oh my, I agree...pooh is NOT good.
When we moved into our house it had a sandbox built into the swing set and to our surprise, it turns out it was really a GIANT litterbox for the entire neighborhood AAAAANNNND our lovely backyard came complete with the Doggie Dooley http://www.doggiedooley.com/ - right next to the back door.

Needless to say, we boarded over the litterbox & my hubby (with fabric softners in either nostril) dug out the Doggie Dooley! We are now Pooh Free! Aaaah!