Saturday, May 9, 2009


Saturday has become my new favorite day of the week now that the Troy farmers' market has moved outside.

Sure, I love its handy indoor location during the colder months, don't get me wrong, but there's an entirely different feel to it when it's outdoors and I can't quite put my finger on it. Peaceful. Serene. Comfortable. Everyone seems overly friendly...more so than usual. I try to time my arrival as close to 9am as possible, right when the market first opens, and then I can spend a good solid hour there before I have to dodge back around the corner to open the shop for the day.
Ben and I made it just as the clock hit 9 this morning and spent about an hour wandering around, taking pictures, and buying too many things, of course.

Lots of herbs for my container gardens (several different kinds of basil, several varieties of thyme, some oregano, parsley, etc.), some fresh cheese, Elk meat for Ben, some salad greens, green garlic, fingerling potatoes, and much, much more. Yikes! This will hold us over until next Saturday when we'll raid the market all over again. And I can't wait.


Good Girls Studio said...

you're killing me with the delicious pics of bread : )

Jaimee said...

Yum...look at that delicious bread!!!! Bet it would go well with one of those Dip recipes that will be in your cookbook :)

Anonymous said...

That's my new favorite photo of Ben...*)

Stephanie said...

What an amazing market- it puts ours in Alabama to shame!