Tuesday, May 26, 2009

old bag

So I took some time out on Sunday and went greenhouse hopping with my mom. Had lots of fun, scored some amazing young peony bushes for the yard at a price I couldn't pass up, a few hanging baskets for the front porch, and a few little perennials for the front beds.

Right smack in the middle of our day, while stopped at a red light, and while griping about how quickly my eyebrows grow back in the warmer weather, I noticed a new little something sprouting out from the top of my head. Meet my two new friends:

These are not the first. My hairdresser noticed one while curling my hair for my sister's wedding, but couldn't find another on my entire head. I've been told, though, that grey hairs are like cockroaches. If you find one, there are absolutely plenty more hiding out. You might not see them, but they're there. So, they've multiplied and marched up from the crown of my head into my bangs. I'm so proud.

Yep, 32 and going grey. Love it.


Elisabeth said...

Grey hairs! Drat those pesky, pigment-challenged irritants! D:
Don't worry your adorable head about a couple of them at 32, though. That's not so bad! My father was almost entirely grey by the time he was 32. And Adam has a LOT of grey hair, and he is only 29. In fact, I would say that Adam is roughly 20% grey, distributed evenly throughout all of his hair.
I will let you in on my carefully kept secret, too...I have some grey hairs! O_O
I dye my hair regularly and have done so for many years, so no one knows about them, haha. Mine are all clustered at the hairline near my right temple...a "Lily Munster" streak, if you will. Can you even?! Adam loves it and thinks I should stop dying and let them grow out. Ugh, I say. :P

Mare said...

You wear it well! :)

Jaimee said...

But, oh, how they shimmer! :)

Anonymous said...

i had to laugh at this one. i started going grey in my mid 20s and at 41, am almost all the way there. no dye for me -- i wear my grey with pride. (though occasionally look back on old pictures with a sigh...)

Murray said...
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