Friday, May 22, 2009

a little ditty... one of my absolute faves to start the weekend off right.

And if you'd like a little more, this video rocks:


Mare said...

HEY! Dad and i like him! Thanks!

kim said...

omg kate, r u serious!? i think, no, i KNOW you are the only other person i know who listens to him! i saw him perform when he opened for cake at northern lights when i was maybe in high school! (ok, maybe early college, i dont quite remember). his live performance totally blew me away. i loooove his music, so good. his lyrics are so poignant. and everything is sung with just enough sense of humor. :-D

kim said...

"i run into some people and they ask me how you are/ i tell them that you're doing well/ and hope that they step in front of a car"