Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm here, I'm here.

Okay, so I'm alive. I'm slacking with the blog lately, I know, but I'm slacking in every aspect of my life these days. I'm backed up with e-mail, work stuff, personal stuff. December is like that I guess. Lots going on. Ben and I agree that we both need another vacation already.

How was your Thanksgiving? I'm hoping it was perfect. I'll take any opportunity to eat my grandmother's magical stuffing. This year I had the chance to learn how to make it, which is even more rad. I'm convinced I'll never make it as well as she does, but it's worth a shot. It's also wonderful that I had the chance to learn it from her first hand.

So, I just want to take a second to thank everyone once again for their participation with the fundraiser this past weekend. We had so many items in the raffle and lots of people came out to support my sister and her family. Thank you! Here's the rundown:

* The Polish American Club in Cohoes for letting us use the space and for being so cool about running the entire thing (including the 50/50 raffle)
* Cohoes House of Pizza for their donation to the raffle
* Dave Geurin for donating a painting
* Kate Geurin for donating a gorgeous handmade woven shawl
* Moon and Stars Studio for a very pretty glass and silver locket necklace
* Barbara Reeley and Paul Hoagland from the Third Street Potters for their pottery contributions.
* Leah from Our Yellow House for the knitted baby pants and legwarmers
* Kathy from The Broken Mold for the sweet mug and plate set
* Bianca from The Broken Mold for the hanging vases and bowl
* Danielle Mathers for the bracelet and earring set
* Lorraine Bowen for a beautiful framed painting
* Animal House in Cohoes for donating two puppy grooming packages
* Lark Vegas in Albany for donating a gift certificate for a piercing
* Fast Lane Tattoo for donating a gift certificate for a tattoo
* Linda Lange for her gorgeous baby sweater set
* Skipper Ed for the hand carved wooden plane
* Glenn Gela for his amazing drawing
* The Trojan Horse in Troy for donating an antique handbag, doll and Christmas ornament
* KO Pizza in Cohoes for donating the pizza served at the fundraiser
* DJ Krazy Keith for his musical services throughout the fundraiser
* The friends and family members who made food for the event
* The friends and family members who helped with setup and take down
* The many, many people who sent checks and cash for the Stebbins family
* The many, many people who turned out for the fundraiser

This list could go on forever, and if I forgot you, please accept my apologies. I didn't mean to leave anyone out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This was such an amazing opportunity for my sister and her family. I can't thank anyone enough. Please take any opportunity to support the business people and artists/crafters listed above. They really went above and beyond with this. We are all so blessed.

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Carly Cailin said...

They certainly did go above and beyond! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FROM THE STEBBINS FAMILY!!
I can't put into words the love and gratitude we feel for each and every person who helped out and supported us. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

The Stebbins Family