Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what's with the negativity?

So, for the second day in a row, our local paper has written and published articles casting Troy in a rather nasty light. Way to help us bring customers into town, Times Union! We all thank you!

Monday's article can be found here. I'd just like to say that the shopping day he's referring to here was the day after Christmas and we just so happened to have suffered through an ice storm that day. Nothing says prime outdoor shopping like a sleet shower!!!

Today's article can be found here. The "renaissance" here was booming for the last several months despite the economy. We all worked hard to encourage people to shop in Troy and for the first time in ages, we all heard people talking about how proud they were to turn their backs on the malls and shop in local, downtown districts. All of that hard work is out the window now. The second you use the word "unsafe" to describe any shopping area, people run like wild.

Yeesh, it's going to be a long winter.


Nancy said...

Kate Make your feeling known to the times union by writing a responce to the paper and have them publish it...If they don't go to the Troy Record, they will publish it on their front Page...Don't sit quiet,in a time where every penny is being controlled by the backstabing Reporters who have only their narrow minded opions---as a source of power....FIGHT KATE, FIGHT..... LOVE YOU NANCY

Mare said...

I agree...You need to write a letter or call someone and challenge them to take another look at downtown Troy. OR go somewhere else, like Channel 13 news. They just did a very nice, very positive piece on the revitalization of downtown Cohoes, and Troy would fit in there nicely too!

m said...

My spot!!! the only thing "unsafe" about this street is the bastard cat living in #14 quayside and the sometimes iffy "tzatziki" sauce in Mamora's felafel. Other than that River street could teach the ENTIRE capital district a little something about character and history.

Kate said...

Thanks! Love the new blog, Blodgett!